Michael M. Gruneberg is the author of the internationally acclaimed Linkword Language courses. Over 700,000 courses have been sold worldwide.

Dr Gruneberg has used his expertise in memory improvement to write courses in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Dutch, Welsh, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and Polish. This expertise involves using a number of scientifically proven methods of memory improvement to enable learners to learn at up to 3 times the speed of normal learning. He wrote all the courses in conjunction with language experts to ensure that both the vocabulary and grammar used in the courses were entirely accurate.

The main underlying method (see below) is well established. However Dr Gruneberg is the first person to have developed the method to the point where whole courses, including grammar and sentences translations could lead to the ability to communicate effectively in a matter of hours.

The courses have had considerable critical acclaim. See www.linkwordlanguages.com for a selection of reviews. Linkword on eBay has had over 2700 reviews with not a single negative review.

Courses have also recently been published by McGraw Hill, one of the world's leading publishers of language courses, in 6 languages.

The Russian course is also unique in publishing an extremely fast way to learn the Russian alphabet as well as a 6 hours recording.

The Linkword course uses, amongst other techniques, the scientifically established method of association to speed up vocabulary learning.

It works like this. You link an English word to another English word that sounds like the foreign word to be remembered. For example

  • The Turkish for BLOOD is KAN
    Imagine pouring out a CAN of BLOOD
  • The Spanish for RICE is ARROZ
    Imagine ARROWS landing in your bowl of RICE

You must spend 10 seconds thinking about each picture or it will not stick in your mind properly. Now study the examples given below and then test yourself by answering the questions which follow.

Think of each of these images in your mind's eye for about 10 Seconds:

  • The Japanese for SHORTS is HAN ZUBON
    Imagine my HANDS UPON your SHORTS
  • The Russian for EYE is GLAZ
    Imagine you have a GLASS EYE
  • The Polish for JUICE is SOK
    Imagine drinking JUICE through a SOCK
  • The Hebrew for ELEPHANT is PEEL
    Imagine an ELEPHANT eating orange PEEL
  • The Polish for HERRING is SLEDZ
    Imagine a HERRING sitting on a SLEDGE
  • The German for BRIDE is BRAUT
    Imagine a Belgian BRIDE, a Brussels BRAUT
  • The Italian for NIGHT is NOTTE
    Imagine spending a NAUGHTY NIGHT out
  • The Portuguese for BUCKET is BALDE
    Imagine a BALDY-headed man with his baldy head in a BUCKET
  • The Spanish for COW is VACA
    Imagine a COW with a VACUUM cleaner, cleaning a field
  • The Turkish for DAUGHTER is KIZ
    Imagine I'd love to KISS your beautiful DAUGHTER

What is the English for?

  Your Answer: Correct Answer:

As you can see, this method works for almost any language. Indeed, using this method, Dr Gruneberg has devised courses in 14 different languages .The courses themselves teach grammar as well as vocabulary, so very quickly people can translate sentences to the point where they can communicate effectively abroad. A number of published scientific studies have show the underlying method to be up to 3 times more effective than normal learning methods as well as increasing feelings of enjoyment and ease of learning.

Memory Improvement

As well as authoring the linkword courses, Dr Gruneberg and a colleague, Professor Douglas Herrmann have written a number of books on Memory improvement. (The examples of Language learning above come from one of these, an e book - 'Stop Forgetting - How to Cure your Memory Failures').

Details of software versions of Linkword courses and of the Memory eBook can be found on www.linkwordlanguages.com

Academic Background

Dr Gruneberg has published over 60 scientific articles, books, and book chapters on memory and memory improvement.

He and his colleagues, Peter Morris and Robert Sykes, initiated and ran the first 2 international conferences on Practical Aspects of Memory which are widely held to have had a major influence in increasing dramatically the amount of research on practical applications of Memory research over the last 30 years.

They also led directly to the founding of the international learned society - The Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition. Dr Gruneberg was elected to serve a term as President of the Society.


Dr Gruneberg welcomes comments from anyone on any aspects of his work. He will reply to any email as rapidly as possible

Email: mg@linkwordlanguages.com